Nancee S. Blum is a retired adjunct clinical
faculty member from the Department of
Psychiatry at the University of Iowa. (USA) She  
also was consultant to the Iowa Department of
Corrections. She was a medical editor and writer
for many years prior to receiving her MSW from
the University of Iowa. In addition to her principal
role in developing STEPPS and STAIRWAYS,
Nancee has authored or co-authored numerous
journal articles and book chapters in social work
and psychiatry.  She co-authored The Structured
Interview for DSM-IV Personality, published by
the American Psychiatric Press (with Bruce Pfohl
and Mark Zimmerman).

Her professional interests include Borderline
Personality Disorder and Obsessive-Compulsive
Disorder. She served on the Scientific Advisory
Board of TARA (Treatment and Research
Advancements in Personality Disorders) and
ARPD (Association for Research in Personality

Nancee continues to provide in person and
training and informational workshops
on STEPPS and STAIRWAYS, as well as
assisting in the implementation of the
STEPPS family of treatment programs.
in the
US and internationall

She lives in Iowa City, Iowa, USA, with her
husband, Richard, is a  passionate gardener, and
enjoys spending as much time as possible with
her two daughters and their families, including
seven grandchildren.