Don St. John graduated from the University of Wisconsin
Physician Assistant Program in 1977, and in the following
several years worked in primary care medical settings,
primarily rural satellite family practice clinics.  

After developing a strong interest in mental health, he
attended Wheaton College Graduate School where he
earned an MA in clinical psychology in 1991, with emphasis
in family and marital therapy.  He joined the Department of
Psychiatry at the University of Iowa in 1995, where he
practices in the Adult  Psychiatry .Clinic.  Don has special
interests in treating Borderline Personality Disorder,
treatment-resistant depression, and adults with  Attention
Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  

He has published articles and book chapters in PA journals,
and has spoken at a number of conferences, primarily to

Don enjoys spending time with family, gardening,
woodworking, and music.  After marrying off daughters and
making sure sons-in-law have well-stocked workshops, he
has also discovered the joys of grandparenting.